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    Archery & outdoors

    Lynchburg TN, Eveything Outdoors Experts.


    Take a look at our assortment of bows, targets, optics, and other essential items suitable for everyone from novice to expert level.


    Whether you’re hunting or simply relishing the great outdoors, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate binoculars for your needs.


    We carry a wide selection of knives for all your hunting, fishing and outdoors needs.


    Lynchburg, TN Finest Selection


    Browse our “Tactical” rifles and shotguns selection from IWI, Daniel Defense, Remington, Wilson Combat and more.


    Our selection includes handguns suitable for a variety of purposes, such as self-defense, EDC,  hunting, competition shooting, and old school single action wheel guns.


    We carry a wide range of shotguns, we do love them all !


    Our inventory boasts a diverse range of rifles to cater to the varying needs and preferences of our customers. 

    5 Star Reviews


    “Customer service was great. Top notch operation. Highly recommend.” – Donny Williams 

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    What is COMPANY?

    One of our main fundamental philosophies here at COMPANY is to support our local shooting, hunting and outdoor communities. Unlike the national chains, we take an active role in our communities and surrounding areas.

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    Premium CITY, ST Gun Store


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    FFL Transfers

    Get your firearms shipped to us

    Thank you for COMPANY for your firearm transfer needs. We are pleased to offer our services to help make the process easier for you. To request a firearm transfer, we have set up a convenient email system that allows you to submit your transfer request from the comfort of your own home.

    We take great care to ensure that all transfers are conducted in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. Our team is dedicated to providing you with professional and courteous service every step of the way.

    Thank you for considering us for your firearm transfer needs, and we look forward to serving our Local shooter’s community.