About Us

COMPANY was started in XXXX to give people an option to have a source to purchase their investments without worrying about being pressured.

Without worrying if they are going to ask the wrong question. Whatever question you have, it will gladly be answered to help you feel at ease about your purchase.

We have variety of suppliers we use to get you the items you want. We offer top quality products and services at competitive prices. COMPANY’s pledge is to bring our community a safe and friendly atmosphere to purchase firearms and supplies.

Awesome Prices

With a variety of suppliers COMPANY will always try our very best to find the best prices possible. This is one of the elements that helps to set ICB Firearms LLC apart from the competition.

Fast Shipping

With access to multiple suppliers, shipping is fast and quick with their extensive warehousing. Rest assured that COMPANY will use the best shipping methods and practices.

Secure Transactions

We use state of the art technology to keep your information secure and private. To give you a peace of mind knowing that shopping with COMPANY won’t compromise your wonderful experience

Customer Support

We are here for you before and after the purchase. Sometimes you forget to ask a question or need something else answered. Don’t be afraid to shoot us a email, we are here to support you.