An empty bench. Looking at it, I am filled with emotion. To some, you may only see a table but to me It is represents a fresh start, a new beginning, possibilities. It represents all of my efforts for the past two decades and I find myself reflecting on the path it took to arrive here.
A clean bench was the rule at the Galloup shop where I came up. Before every lunch break or the end of the day, you were to clean your bench. I was never the best at following this rule, I liked leaving work out so I could more easily come back to it, but after 20 years of guidance (read: daily stern lectures) from my mentor, Bryan Galloup, I got a little better at cleaning my bench.
In the spring of 2020, the world changed. For the safety of my family, I elected to leave my position at the Galloup shop to quarantine till everything got back to normal. This meant I would be leaving the place I called home for the last 20 years, the place where I became the maker I am today, and one of the finest shops you could dream of for making guitars. My house has always been ready for a home shop, but I never took advantage of my space because I had a ready-made dream shop at my fingertips.

Now faced with uncertainty, I took advantage of the pandemic quarantine to build my shop at home.




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I am a maker of fine acoustic guitars and instructor at the Galloup school of luthiers. Email:[email protected]

Sam Guidry